DOWNLOAD # Blunt Guts Nation – Eat More Blunt Guts

1 11 2011

Holla Peeps, sorry im not so active over the blog now, had pretty busy time working on THIS
last weekend, and so much more also…

Anyway today is a national day off in France, “celebrating” people fall at war…
and im not in the mood to stay at home watching the rain fall or go cemetary at all
So lets enjoy this brand new piece of gems released by Blunt Guts Nation
Its free (Yeah Baby Yeah!!) and its including a bunch of cool kids i love the work:
eLan, NegroSaki, Swarvy, AshTreJinkins, HandBook to name a few
and also some people you should keep an eye on such as P Villa (check his J Dilla remxes HERE )
Future P-Funk or Soul IDM call it like you want, i prefer to call it
good Funk but dont get pissed if you dont recognize any Cameo synthlines

Press:Play & Enjoy



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