LISTEN & BUY # Frite Nite Presents ‘Surreal Estate’ Compiled & Mixed by Ana Sia

14 10 2011

Actually, i understand if some of u ask why i write “Listen & Buy” over the title,
cause indeed yeah i should just write “Buy”

Since Frite Nite announced this compilation last summer,
i was checking the feed every week, waiting and waiting
So when it came out like 10 days ago, i was so so enthsiast about the tracklist
Check it out

1. Sepalcure – Deep City Insects
2. Comma – Vacancy
3. XI – Whiteout
4. Kuru & UFO! – Aoki
5. DJG – Rites
6. Distal – Mamanimal
7. Starkey & Epcot – Surreal Estate
8. Eprom – Twerkul8
9. B. Bravo & Teeko – Drop It!
10. Quitter – Street Codes
11. NastyNasty – Suffocating
12. Cosmic Revenge – Frostbite
13. Ghosts on Tape – Video Void
14. Salva – Policy
15. S0n!ka – Down Time
16. Danny Corn – Curiophilia
17. Wheez-ie – As I Watch It Unravel

Very happy to see some of my fav’ producer around such as Distal, Salva or XI
but best comes out from the new names added: The almighty DJ G, Briliant duo Seplacure (you can already
pre-order their LP btw over Boomkat “DigIt”) & Wheez-ie or Quitter

Surreal Estate is a collection of tribal-influenced spacey dance grooves, progressive footwork, modern electro funk, and UK-centric dubstep rhythms, composed by an anticipated cast of North American producers, carefully selected and mixed by mainstay west coast selector Ana Sia. Exploring the atmospheric and ethereal, yet bass-heavy, funky and playfully musical, the Surreal DJ mix shows Ana Sia’s passion for music that works as well for the dance floor as it does the intimate listen. This exclusive collection contains bleeding-edge tracks from some of the finest production minds from both American coasts such as Sepalcure, Starkey, XI, Distal, Ghosts On Tape and DJG, as well as Ana Sia’s crew taking over the western front with artists like Eprom, NastyNasty, Salva, B. Bravo, Kuru & UFO! and more.

Enjoy 6 selected works from the Surreal Estate album in the preferred collectors medium,
pressed on 180g vinyl with full color matte packaging.  Full color stickers and cover artwork by Kilian Eng.


XI – Whiteout

Distal – Mamanimal

Sepalcure – Deep City Insects


Kuru & UFO! – Aoki

DJG – Rites B.

Bravo & Teeko – Drop It!

So the best you can do now is to go Listen the entire comp. at Frite Nite HERE
Then take your Visa, and order the Surreal Estate 12″ sampler AND digital download,
with full color stickers and cover artwork by Kilian Eng.
Price: $15.99

Frite Nite TWITTER



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