DOWNLOAD # 22 Minutes 29

21 09 2011

I started this 22 Minutes like almost 15 days ago, and i was so busy i couldnt really finish it.
It’s so tragic that after Gil Scott-Heron & Kase 2, someone really important to me passed away last week.
I grew up with his music from 15 years old to now….so its been 16 years spent with his music into my ears.
Sorry for those who discovered Mehdi music with Pocket Piano, cause you missed so much, and i dont think you’ll get same as what we had. We truly saw his evolution, we were there to feel how his music was going, how it evolved.
Without being able to answer this question: where is he going with this beat?
I could write pages and pages over DJ Mehdi, even if i met him one time only, and it will be in my mind for ever.

I will miss you, and you will be immensely missed by everyone

This 22 minutes includes a Kutmah rework of Mr.Oizo, a song from the last Shabazz Palaces LP, a bootleg from The Black Opera, a classic Ras G cut, a beautiful Knxwledge remix of Nas, a excerpt from Malcolm X speech,
and so yeah i fisnished with 2 DJ Mehdi productions. Before Ed Banger era in fact…

One is from the 1st EP of 113, a track called Association, featuring Kery James & an instrumental from his 1st solo album called (The story of) Espionnage.
On the picture you can see DJ Mehdi on the left, followed by Teddy & Alix: forming IDEAL J.

This picture is from 1994, or maybe earlier.



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