DOWNLOAD # Shlohmo – Fine, Thanks [Free]

20 09 2011

Back after almost 10 days without posting: 5 days of Festival working & 4 days of relaxing in Amsterdam.
And yeah Amsterdam is still amazing city, probably the best for anyone who wanna let the pressure goes away.

– Anyway –

Following his recent mix for Fader and his acclaimed first album, californian based producer Shlohmo is back with this nice free compilation:
Just hit 10K followers on facebook, so i thought i’d prepare a little present. this should not be taken seriously. please. all the tracks are at least a year old, if not over 2 years old. but i still had some feelings for them and thought you guys might enjoy 🙂 9 tracks in all.

o and get ready for the bad vibes release party this friday @ the downtown independent in LA. i will be playing bad vibes live all the way through. that means loop pedal, guitar, bass, keys, vocals, and everything else. all on my lonesome. we’ll see how it goes… video will be streaming live online. if it goes good, maybe i’ll bring the live set to ur city 2




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