LISTEN & BUY # KNXWLEDGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – ShaySides EP / Flowrs EP –

4 09 2011

Mr KNXWLEDGE & his massive productions cadence…Not everyone can pretend to have released
7 EP or Project or Beat Tape whateva since…June!!
Maybe some fools can say “yeah i poppin 2 tapes a month”, BUT
This shit is so loud right here!!???…including HouseShoes collab’
Including great reworks Yo! Jimmy Ponder !!

But Really…The best you to have to do now is to listen Knxwledge version

Oh! who used same sample years ago??

Thats for the history, you can dig over all those tracks, full of textures, warm, well chopped, surprising,
lo-fi, bangers…This one is from Flowrs EP , you can listen to it below. I truly hope your computer is plugged
now on some propper speaker…or comfy headphones, enjoy

Fresh from 5 days ago, this new EP is imprint of nostalgia, as a good old 80’s ghetto movie Juice or Boyz n The Hood era. This kaleidoscopic cover reminds me some old Christmas, old times with the brother. Good old days. And its about that right here i think. From the boogie beat of 1stkameout[sqwrlHill] & his funky chorus, rrrrrockin
to this beautiful intro, bay area, birds & Olu Dara trumpet? Maybe…
Kards [YngMry]  one of the shortest track but so well chopped…talks replaced breaks, jazzy drums in the background…


Watch The Next Post ; )



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