WATCH # Antifa, Chasseurs de Skins [English Subs]

17 08 2011

Today a post specially for people overseas, and who knows maybe some french readers?

Here’s a french documentary about antifascist groups & gangs in early 80’s in Paris.

This version got english subs, and its the one and only one doc. about this movement you’ll ever see. A very important era of Paris city, unknown from most of the people outside of the city, showing the changing from Rock to beginning of HipHop & how the society has been changed by a minority of people, who decided to protect themselves from Nazi band & clean up the streets. MAXIMUM RESPECT


IMDB # A French documentary on how groups of youth in Paris generated a backlash against the NeoNazi skinhead subculture, and by doing so earned themselves the nickname Chasseurs de Skins or ‘Skinhead Hunters’.

The doc. has been cut in parts, check out on youtube for the rest
here’s just 1st Part…and check for the rest here

Part2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5




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