DOWNLOAD # Ohsaurus – Salt Mine EP [JUMB005]

14 08 2011

So its Mid-August and for some of us, summer looks more like autumn.
So if you miss the sun, the heat of what a proper summer should bring you,
it’s not too late don’t worry.

Here’s a great record from US based producer Ohsaurus via FUSElab.
Oh yeah u might think, again another record
again another beat tape, again…But please, keep on reading and more important,
click the play button below while reading the end of the review.

This EP is tagged under IDM, Toytronic, Bass Music.
Its quite about this, if you thought US was only about Beats & Glitchs as Media
have all their attention now on our music, just remember few names
that bring a lil bit more Bass & Dance in the game:
Daedelus, Nguzunguzu, Salva & the Frite Nite fam’, Zackey Force Funk, Kutmah
just to name a few. This EP is exactly in the same vein, and its not a 2nd class record, trust me
It’ll feet any of your sets if you’re a DJ, and full your appetite if you’re a curious listener.

You Can download the EP for free over Jlab Website HERE
or support the label and artist by buying a Lossless version over the Bandcamp HERE

Be sure to check out the man Ohsaurus‘s soundcloud for more freebies
and links to his past works, specially the great LP out 2 weeks ago via FWONK
called North East Structure.




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