BUY & DOWNLOAD # B-Ju – Minor Works [2006-2010]

14 08 2011

I remember back 7 months ago, i uploaded a 22 Minutes selection via my soundcloud
and i had those good feedback from friend Eleven Tigers, and also this request about one
of the last tune i played, asking for track id.

The tune was a remix B-Ju did for Montgomery Clunk track called Entourage
So it finally released via Bandcamp, and between those 16 past productions that the artist call “minors”
(Humble right?)
there are not so many i dislike. Really. It’s full of a lot of different styles, and clearly show you that B-Ju is a really active producer. Not a flash in the pan.

So its Sunday, im gonna surely spend the next 3 hours
to dig and listen and (maybe) post about, so here’s the 3rd post of the day.
It will cost you 0,40 euros (about 1 bucks or something?) to get the complete “Minor Works” by B-Ju




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