BUY & DOWNLOAD # Dynooo – Vvideo Hair LP [sk007]

19 07 2011

Some of you already know about Belgium scene. Some don’t.

This post is for them, If you followed my advice when talking about Wigflip records
you surely checked out the superb Kingfisherg LP. If you followed more, you surely checked out last 12″ by Vlek
with Lapti, CuppCave, Dem Hunger & Squeaky Lobster (HERE)

Here’s the new works by Dynoo aka Crakk David, a young producer & visual artist from Belgium.
Out on SurfKill, belgium based label where you can find recently signed on Leaving Records artist Ssaliva (HERE)
Dynooo, Kingfisherg aka François Boulanger & so much more. I confess that im more close from Brussels than L.A. or Austin
but for now, i never had a chance or took time to go there. But i will in October for Bozar Electronic Weekend >> Check & Book

Anyway, if you finished to check out links, we can start to listen to Dynooo’s LP, please

1- Tropical Thighs
2- Vvideo Hair
3- BJ Hair
4 – Northwest Noir
5 – Peaks Geek
6 – Huge Apple (DOWNLOAD)
7 – Popsickle Gabber
8 – Esprit Sweat
9 – Girl Abs
10 – Esprit Sweat (Cupp Cave Remix)

Opening just launch your head against the wall, or more precisely
against the coconut tree. And its exactly what this record will do all over it.
Even if the first track is more into “Tropical” rhythms, the rest doesnt need that vibe all along.
Of course, you’ll be a bit like “hey wait, is this SurfKill?” Hell yeah it is
Most of productions are different. And its quite a nice eargasm when you listen to Dynooo’s Vvideo Hair
for the first time. 2nd tune’s Vvideo Hair sounds like Actress meeting Little Dragon, a great repetitiv chill-wave with hard drone synths. And we keep on, Bj hair could be easily playlisted in a Masters At Work mix series or played in a Royalty Dj set. Already 3 tracks, 3 different atmospheres.
Y’all ready for this?

I would love to comment all tracks into this gem, but its about time you stop reading me…

Sit back, relax and smoke a big one. Pretty sure some will bring crowds crazy as some will make your GF happy…

This is available as Digital for 7euros & the vynil will be out end of August & available at Rush Hour.
I really really suggest you to dig over Dynooo & SurfKill websites, its full of links, surprises, downloads, video & events.
So dig it, i fuckin love SurfKill



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