DOWNLOAD & WATCH # Sea Things – Jaws EP

12 07 2011

I bumped into Sea Things like last year via Don’t Die Wondering , with a focus
about Sea Thangs LP (Cop HERE). This guy is from Florida, where in Florida i dont know exactly…but i never been attracted by this part of U.S. Unfortunately its the only place i’ve been managed to visit in the States with my dad.
I was young. I was a lil cunt. I enjoyed Universal Studios. I waited for the Orca to eat the human at Sea World.
And i enjoyed those big thunderstorms…but i was too young
Anyway i wont visit Florida again.

Lets focus

Its gonna be a bit hard to describe you the music contains inside this EP
but i can easily tell you that you should listen to all tunes in it entirely
At the first listen, it remember me a loads of things, but it’s 2011 now,
so its pretty hard to make sounds that never been used before.
This EP is really good i think, so…
if you’re curious like me, push the listening a lil further.
Producer gave a free DL Link for the EP HERE
but you should give a free amount of money to him, as he’s building a Live Show

What i really like is that you’ll never get the colour at the beginning,
and honestly you wont get any colours even at the end. Your brain is now the mixer
So tell me what colour you hear
(and if you dont get the last sentence, you can go read THIS)
Talking about colours, here’s a nice video for Ferns
directed by Steph Davidson




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