BUY & DOWNLOAD # Soosh – Soosh EP [JUMB004X]

12 07 2011

“Sit back, relax, dance…

Thats kind of words i’ve got in the email from Jumble fam’
I saw Soosh name floating around, and i confess this EP is a very good surprise.
Didnt expect this at all. A couple of months ago,
I’ve been listening an Oddlogic remix of his tune called
Missed You Tonight, from this EP

Also nice is, the fact you can get another remix from the EP right now, this time from Danaet
Danish producer i HIGHLY recommend you to check out. This guy deserve a post only for him…
Also a coolab with Zack Christ, same fam’: Tall Prawn crew, Copenhagen
VIMOAS playground….Serious stuffs

Soosh’s EP will full your appetite, laaaunnch the player please

6 Tracks and one remix by Lapalux // An opening as riding jungle rivers
under a hot long journey, gold flashlights in the water.
Get use to those waterfalls noises & bones percussions, take the next step with
languorous basslines and synths, pitched smooth soul tune.
Seems like all styles can fit into those “hands” as demonstration continues
Progressive voices & compressed drums…I really like Bramhall waits, kind of mello rhodes and superb voices combo
Always in those compositions, loads of metals or glass broken noises, remind me previous Shigeto EP on Ghostly.
The Lapalux remix is insane and yes, you can get it for free via XLR8R

This is a very solid EP, if only people were listening more about the music
and not only about the fuckin trend, im sure Soosh EP will get more reviews and attentions
But its a fact: Beats are now overhyped and everybody wants a piece of the cake…
What a f* mess…

Big Up to Jumble & Alpha Pup

As its a really rainy day here in Paris, as summer turns into autumn
here’s the very last Soosh production…You’ll get it after listened to the EP
No breack your neck over here, just some very beautiful moment of music
This one featuring Sarah H on vocals, pretty Highie. Enjoy



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