WATCH # Mon Faso, a Documentary about Burkina Faso

29 06 2011

Was doing some researchs for the next trip to record stores,
and checked my usual website. Mondomix is one of them, and while i was reading the latest edition
i found about this 6 short portraits of Burkina Faso peoples.
Mon Faso means My Faso
Sorry for non-french speakers…My african dudes will mostly understand all of it
French same, if you want english subs you should request over at this email HERE
Anyway u still can have a look and get all those atmospheres that make Africa our Mother Land
I feel sorry that one of the greatest man lost his life as a martyr long time ago
named Thomas Sankara. You should check about this man.
As you should know who was Steve Biko or Patrice Lumumba


Movies & Original Project by photographer Anaïs Dombret & Director Sylvain Poutiaz
Launch the player and keep on your work or whatever you are doing now
and feel atmospheres. Remind me of Frikyiwa records, those ambient & soundscapes by
Lipitone’s Bougouni  & Louis 2000’s Bignona. Those 2 LPs are Master-Pieces.
So dig it




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