12 06 2011

You all remember the superb EP Jackhigh produced alongisde Teebs on Svetlana right?
Svetlana is and will always be a label i have a great respect for. For so many reasons. But let me tell you why very quickly:
First of all, they have an identity. And not so many labels can tell…Secondly, itruly respect the fact they’re building this identity
step by step, release after release and they aren’t here for hype, not here for fame.
Just take a look over all their podcasts, all their releases, and you’ll see its a proper fuckin good work.
Long Live Svetlana!!

So its with a great pleasure that im writing about this release called 141 ep, by Monsieur Jackhigh
Its been a “long” time i didnt hear about him, and for a good reason as i can hear.
Here it is, the EP with remixes by Kelpe & Lukid (Yeah…Kelpe AND Lucid 2 of the freshest producers around)
As i said Svetlana doesnt do things randomly, and doesnt follow the trend
they do the trend…Haters gonna Hate ya heard!
And remember that: its one of the only label that can say: we do our thing.
Love it or leave it

I (personnaly) love it

BNJMN a.k.a. enigmatic producer Ben Thomas a.k.a. Jackhigh presents
four deep aquatic originals exploring the interface between Drexciya and 2step, plus two remixes from Lukid and Kelpe.
Lukid’s remix has been likened to looking at a rainy beach through a grimy cafe window while Kelpe’s
remix showcases a new level of sound from him, a higher tempo and a kind of tense dour energy,
perhaps the moment when the aquanauts grimly acknowledge
that war with the land dwellers is now inevitable,
and set to arming themselves for the conflict. The sound of rigging beating on masts is even audible at one point.

The EP drop on Monday 13th June, you can already pre order-it
Its a concentrate of all i love into music those days, if like me you’re into Sepalcure, Blue Daisy, Teebs or
Dave Huismans aka 2562 aka A Made Up Sound, im sure you’ll LOVE this release

Keepi it up with this great gift from Svetlana Fam’
FLASH FLOOD is a track we bumped from the record because the master
recording was lost we deemed the only version that was left was too lo-fi
for release. However, it’s a great tune*


*I fuckin agree with that: such a great tune. Big up Toby



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