PRE-ORDER # Ras G – Down 2 Earth EP (The Standard Edition)

9 06 2011

The finally (after almost 3years) awaited Ras EP for Ramp…Cant say much
If as me you were waiting for this…You can already pre-order it. Im not always into pre-ordering shits but some items are very valuable to my heart. This is one of them.

I truly hope some people will take their fingers out of their ass
and plan a Tour for Ras in Europe…Will be great if they can do it with Sam…..So it’ll make sense.
Sam LP drop soon too…I dont need to write about it, Pitchfork & all those suckaz already took the train…even if they spitt on Matthewdavid’s Outmind. Anyway, if you’re here. Buy Samiyam LP and buy Ras G forthcoming materials
About 2 or 3 EP/LP will hit stores before summer. So keep your chakra open
Down2Earth (The Standard Edition) is due on July 11th

You can stream Down 2 Earth (The Standard Edition) via both links below,
i suggest you to use Redeye Rec. one for better eargasms


a1. D2E Intro
a2. Hey Baby!!!!
a3. Diiirrrtttty
a4. (((Shrooms)))
a5. I Love The 90`s HipHop
a6. Crenshaw Bus

b7. One 4 DB – I SEE
b8. That`s Fly
b9. Filth Factor 98
b10. Leave!!!!!!!
b11. Bobby Speak
b12. Black Dusty Radio

c13. 40 Bus
c14. 303 Vs Tell-Lie-Vision
c15. Peace (Saalaam)
c16. Change

d17. Crush On a Earthling
d18. Interlude
d19. Fatcat
d20. Interlude
d21. Harlem Negus Wild

Pre-Order 2LP at BOOMKAT

Cant wait….just can play the stream on repeat mode since yesterday



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