FORTHCOMING # DJ Hilti – 68ers Society EP (The Remixes) [BYRSLF003]

1 06 2011

Catalog : BYRSLF003
Released 14 June 2011

French Do It Better
I am french (sorry though) and i hate this sentence, most of the time it just keep that so said legend alive
Trust me, Don’t get tricked…
But for once, i confess that B.YRSLF Division is bringing some serious serious intelligent bangers around
I had privileges to listen to some of their promos, and its fuckin efficient, as long as you have a proper system to play on
Here’s the forthcoming BYRSLF003, a bunch of remixes from most of the craziest bass producers around:
Norrit, Distal, DJ Roc to name a few….
Things will get really crazy for this label im pretty sure about it. Some of people will say: oh F**ck again another Trendy Juke release. But its not. Its more than just Juke, Its future beats. All is full of what any BassHead will love
A Deep Huge Loud Bassline, Some Amen Breaks carrying slow glitches: concerning that Norrit remix i absolutely love
Distal from Embassy records, gives us a pretty sick tune. The beginning is rugged and rough but its quickly get surrounding by this hypnotic landscape behind: lovelay.
Of course, DJ Roc doesnt need any introduction specially when he’s using that Godzilla sample..yeah u know which one
Civil War on the Dancefloor guaranteeeeeeee
U get me, this Remixes EP is a banger for any of you guys who wanna bring the crowd higher and wilder

Get It



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