DOWNLOAD # Lord Boyd – Bison EP [AMDiscs]

1 06 2011

It’s finally here, my very good friend LordBoyd has his EP out, will be follow by a bunch of remixes by Teams, Toujours, AyGeeTee & maybe some elses…But its keep on crashing my computer and that sucks, so we’ll see.

Anyway, the most important shit about all of this, is that those remixes are made by people i absolute LOVE the work. I posted about all of them over the blog so if you missed it, be sure to check it out.
Im gonna receive my LP on wax from Teams. And thats also f***rad

For now, you can listen to the EP below, click the picture and give a free amount of your money you worked hard for or maybe spend your mummydaddygolds&jewelrry or maybe go sell some crack to republicans kids and get yourself some dope music, again from the wicked overseas label AMDiscs. I would love to review it, but its from my friend as i said and i enjoy it already enough to bring it to you. But if you wondering, Better Beedies got some serious feedbacks from all over the world, and its because its a beautiful tune. Cant wait to see where he will be in one year. But i have big big trust in him.

Naah Im kinding, i hate this guy.
Spend some ca$h after the jump cause its worth it

Big Up Bro’, It’s only the very beginning

>> oh also amdiscs is gonna do a cassette release of bison too with bonus tracks << (via LordBoyd)



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