DOWNLOAD # Ghost Feet – Wires and Chords EP

25 05 2011

Not all my posts are made like this, and its also pretty rare i start writing about something i didnt listen first.
I just launched the player of the new Dropping Gems signed artists duo Ghost Feet, and what a good start.
Do like me, and listen. Read if you feel like it

Dropping Gems is proud to present the debut EP of our newest crewmembers, the Olympia-based duo Ghost Feet. The four tracks held within lay out a pretty convincing argument for the existence of supernatural beings, specifically ones that haunt the undersides of dead leaves or the tops of pine trees. The young duo combine the talents they’ve come to be known for through live performance, with Hobbes employing a range of drum machines, synthesizers and gritty sonic textures to build a framework for Qloq’s eerie guitar melodies. Their respective talents coalesce on Wires and Chords into a tight spectrum of tempos and moods. Some tracks bubble with the energy of ghost children during recess at midnight elementary school (“Pull Ups”), while others contemplate ancient laments as old as the land itself (“Bog”). We’re gratified to share this EP with the world, both for the tracks themselves and the suggestion of what’s to come.



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