DOWNLOAD # Ahnnu – Levels EP

24 05 2011

After the massive weekend i just had, as we hosted a DnB night on saturday
we had the great honor to bring DJ Flight from Metalheadz & boss of Play:Muzik, also Craggz & Parallel
That night was rockin, both artists gave us a fuckin amazing lesson of Junglism…
Will maybe upload you the recording soon, or never.

So today i needed some “no beats” music, and i just slept on the new Ahnnu since a month.
First EP was pretty dope, it calls Koko u can get it HERE if u didnt yet.
I ABSOLUTELY recommend you to have a listen on Koko EP first.

As i said i didnt wants beats so much, i wanted ambient atmosphere today…New Ahnnu is perfect



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