DOWNLOAD # You’ll Soon Know Show on NTS w/Special Guest S. Maharba

19 05 2011

Up In Blood exxxclusives Mixtapes via BTS (Sold Out)

Just relaying the info from You’ll Soon Know, last week NTS radio hosted the YSK show with very special guest and favourite of mine producer S.Maharba. I hosted a show on UB radio, (Bangkok) for more than a year about 4 years ago, and i posted about it i guess over here. It was called The Library. Since im not on it, archives are not available but i played S.Maharba since the very beginning. It’s a great pleasure to see that things are popping up now with this super fast sold out (one hour) Up In Blood mixtapes, plus many recent showcases and so on now a very special show, with live & interview. When im crazy about something, be sure to bookmark, without being pretentious, we are a lot of people all over the web to discover great artists years before Pitchfork does. So close your favourite Hype bookmarked useless websites please. Especially when those ones talk shit about Matthew Davids Music

I guess if the DL limit is reached, they will upload it again or unblock the soundcloud limit…but in case its not, i still can share it so dont hesitate to Holla me

(u better bookmark punka**)



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