BUY & DOWNLOAD # Nocow – Pulkovo Heights EP [Gimme5-002]

9 05 2011

Yep…You saw that cover before
One month ago, i wrote a quick launch for Nocow‘s EP
And today, as im listening to it in it entire composition, track by track, on a repeat mode,
ihave to confess that at the first listen, its pretty beautiful. Like Fuck Yeah, THAT is atmosphere with style.
At the second time, i felt into this: Man This Is Complex. If you’re not a freebee concerning Russian scene, you probably heard a lot of things since 3 years. Things get real crazy since almost one year now, and i didnt feel anything easy that much. Of course, i heard some very too much 8bit shits, and sometimes, even if its well produced i just get like F*ck did i listen the same tune an hour ago? Or is it just…? Yeah it was
Im stuck on Nocow, for several reasons that im gonna tell you, NOT.
If you followed my advices and downloaded his 2 past projects, you know already what i mean
If you never heard about Nocow, its probably one of your lucky day of the week (and it just started)
Past works were really more impregnates of sounds landscapes, almost Lo-Fi sometimes but always got so lush beats, i wouldnt say that its only about Burial, as i read it last weeks. Sorry for other reviewers & blogs, but its not a Burial thing at all. Lets take it back, i post you now about the last EP called Koona. Listen. Then Listen Burial. And see by yourself

Now that you made your point, we can start talking about this very good EP called Pulkovo Heights.
It’s a really mature EP, and first cause on those 8 tracks, only one has been produced with another maker:  Lapti.
Lapti has also squatted my headphones for the longuest time now, and even if i still dont understand why no one signed him for an EP, he’s still very active as u saw on the blog. So only one featuring on the EP, opening it.
Then it’s all about Nocow’s vision.
This EP is more everything: more deep, more textured, more worked, more difficult to listen.
And when i say difficult, its always a compliment. Black Mass opening is a fuckin great texture of post industrial, “light” Ben Frost with a smooth slow riddim. You could be under oceans surrounded by cicadas chants, arpegios are mermaids sings and some winds surrounds the global track. Just get lost.
Take a fall follows with still this deep texture that made previous EP that good, except that it turns more over the basic construction of the tune, it could stay up like this and no evolution…But it will evolve, as Struggle is.
Look no hands is probably my favourite song from the EP with Sevah, wonder why?I always preffered landscapes to beats, i mean simple beats and always shows more interest on how the landscape can BE the rhythm, so sometimes im just like: This song needs no beats. Sounds are good alone. But Nocow did a great job here.
Most of my friends will tell me its boring because they get too much charly, and cant really breathe without a sub.
But if i could, i will choose Nocow, between Teebs & yUk to chill dem.
Please, dont just download a leak of this EP, please buy it and pay back the good work to the artist
8 Tracks will cost you what 9 US dollars….and im broke as well, of buying records
Think twice about all the work involved

I wont keep up talking bullshits about such a great EP (one of the best of the month from here)
i can let you some stuffs to put under your teeth as we say in France…

So if you hungry = EAT

Here’s a Free tune by Nocow, fresh from Warminal Records

That b-side from Pulkovo Heights EP is just so bad…so so so bad…. //
Got this from YSK do the same GO DOWNLOAD

Read at GIMME5

Read at Alpha Pup

Buy at BOOMKAT / iTunes / Turntable Lab



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