BUY & DOWNLOAD #Mezzo – Why Not Nothing? EP

23 04 2011

artwork by Nates James & DTCPU //
produced and mixed by brandon fry (mezzo) from 12/10-04/11 //
blessings //

Good stuffs in the box this mornin, new Mezzo EP on the line
After the Transistions EP, here’s 5 tracks + 1 remix made the last 4 Months.
Very Good stuffs inside: this sexy psychedelic “intro” track called Paranoid Mosquitos make me love those blood sucker. I hate mosquitoes, even if i try to not kill dem, this tune is sooo languorous.
But. It’s just a starter.
LA Nights follows and its a serious sick beat right here. Love it, the mix between aerial loop and fat bass
always balance and never get bored. Those keyboards are so raaaaad. Bad Faith explores the minimal aspect, between Dub & Drums explorations. Concrete atmosphere, filth enough to be surrounded by muffled loops. Fuckin Hypnotic
Lung Butter started and i already know i will like it fuck….Could be the beginning of  a post-punk song, and quickly it slowed by a sweet beat. Middle of the tune, it’s mad….i’ll let you be judge
Dont know what DPT means but opening is under suspense and i loved to not be able to guess if it will sound filth or not.
It could be…hmm…oh no….come on it will come back, Ending is fuckin cool tho: breaks are fulled by high distorted notes, subs bring power and drums enough jazzy to lost the listener. Touché
To close this new EP, a lil cookin’ by DTCPU, microwaving the tune Bad Faith:
a Cloud in a music box…dreamy, til the box closed / CLAP

A serious & solid second EP from Mezzo (that im gonna listen a second time right now), share it every fuckin where, cause you’ll probably fill an empty space in someone’s life.

Oh and by the way, this EP is free BUT if you pay all money
donated will go towards funding Japan Tsunami & Earthquake Relief .



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13 06 2011
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