DOWNLOAD & BUY # Rora Realis – The Colorful Daze EP [Outlier Recordings]

8 04 2011

Cover Art by Adrisnaps

Take a deep long breath

Turn off your social network, TV & Bf/Gf talks
1st April was the launch of Rora Realis EP, i had the chance to discover the 1st track about 2 month ago.
What i heard was great, cause its exactly the kind of music im lookin’ for
In one word: Unpredictable
Being surprised by a break, a sub, a noise i couldn’t have foreseen
Note O Five a complete insane tune, that gives the tone & first colour of the EP, is about this.
Starting like a boiling beats machine, surrounding by a major kick that you’ll find in some other tunes such as Sarnath’s Keep. Producer Suba is launching all those bleeps that might sound fast at first listen,  then cooked.
After a while, the combination is finding itself in this achievement: A long and languorous rhythm oppressed by noises and snares. A tune i love to lost myself into
Sarnath’s Keep is different in a way, and im gonna tell you why: this song is, to me; a representation of the Wild nature facing the “organised” technology. I say this, cause i clearly hear it: rhythm, kick, bass & voices are representing the power of Nature while the glitch & bleeps in the background are trying to cover, imitate, surround…win the battle. It’s like a Fax call, once its horrible then it get the signal. Here, technology will never get the signal, will never match, will never win. Nature is Wild and technology cant be wilder. The loop is always late.
Soulo Mission follows what i just said. It might sound weird to you listener, as the past 2 tracks are pretty deep and intense. This one starts with let’s say a classic loop but its you, and you wanna more expect a bit more. I love the jazz composition of it, how it turns, sometimes boogie, sometimes garage or Bossa. Beautiful tune, voices sometimes & breaks again!! Soulo Mission will get remixes very soon courtesy of “some sick beatnuts” including
Oddlogic (Outlier Recordings), 2snide(frijsfo,UK), Mirror State & Max Lane (Qilin, uppcircular)
The Colorful Daze takes all his sense in the 4th track, to me. Sun of Saturn brings that Wave i missed in the first ones, could be cool in a Four Tet or Apparat set without a doubt. Old school piano toy or something very catchy, and at middle dub techno landscapes on the Bass, u can kick out with a rough Scuba, let’s roll.
The We are surely out, last track reminds me old school interludes from my 90’s hiphop, that loop and industrial noise at the beginning but after that…after that*…It’s Jazz and it’s good. My fav song of the EP so…
You’re definately not “Out” guys



*Seen, in Style Wars



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