DOWNLOAD # Knxwledge – Mango EP

23 03 2011

I was in the south of France when this dropped, and honestly i didnt want to loose myself into music for 4 or 5 days
Except when i had to do that tracklist for Teebs & JaeR gig. This lil’ EP dropped on that day precisely
8th of March. A day to remember for Paris crowd: those who were there, those who missed it, those who split on it and will come back next year sayin I support it since Ice Age
F***U la

Do NOT hesitate, and just download it.
Be sure to plug ya bass speakers and crash test ur computer’s one

Blasti Blasto

WATCH # Detroit by Revok

23 03 2011

Amazing Collection of photography taken into Detroit…We should go burn Wall Street in the next 24 hours


FORTHCOMING # Co.Fee – Easy Listening EP [MHD004]

23 03 2011

Cover art by Matthew Okeyo

It’s all about MHD…Aaaall about MHD bro’
You know…people will found out about this post, like 3 weeks after this will drop
As i can check the stats from the site, i can tell you that now: it’s all about Blawan’s Bohla EP on R&S
A post i did, quite long time ago…But i know that people are looking for a leak
So if you read this and its the 25th of April, just
don’t panic you have plenty of posts to check out from now

If you read this about now (March 23rd), so you’re a bit just like me
You can wait a bit more for Co.Fee release


Don’t look for any audio preview, i dont have
But tracks with * got a preview on his myspace
Just the tracklist below, you can also go check out at Alpha Pup the article HERE

1. Destroy & Rebuild *
2. Spark Plug *
3. Kali *
^(for those who bought Beat Soup Vol.3..ya’ll know)
4. Gypsy Skirt *
5. Katana
6. Zombie Parade
7. Asante
Oh and i didnt wanna talk about this now, as its a bit early, but Co.Fee & ????? has this very secret project,
unknown for now, away from the beats trends. I think you should make more research about it.
>No links. Use ur brain< 

>>>> UPDATE <<<<

DOWNLOAD # Constellations – The A to Z of Dennis Coffey: A Mix By House Shoes

23 03 2011

House Shoes gives us a f**** amazing lesson again, Dennis Dennis Denniiiiiiiissssss
You Knoooooow !!!
New LP featuring Mayer Hawthorne & more
Don’t sleep & Grab

Leading up to the foundational Motor City guitarist’s new self-titled solo album, Detroit’s own House Shoes takes us on a journey through Dennis Coffey’s history of funk. Including the psychedelic b-boy soul of Coffey’s 70’s solo material, classic recordings on which he recorded as a sessions musician, hip-hop cuts which have sampled his material, and even a couple of sneak peaks at the new album’s music, Constellations is 45 minutes of straight heat, mixed by a master DJ intimately acquainted with Coffey’s legacy, and his future.



1. Scorpio Intro- (feat Dennis Coffey, Jazzy Jeff, Jake One, and Q-Tip)
2. LL Cool J- Jinglin’ Baby
3. Dennis Coffey- Main Theme (Black Belt Jones OST)
4. Dennis Coffey- 7th Galaxy*
5. Dennis Coffey- Ride Sally Ride
6. The Temptations- Cloud Nine
7. Rodriguez- Sugar Man
8. Marvin Gaye- I Want You
9. Dennis Coffey- Garden Of The Moon
10. The Spinners- It’s A Shame
11. Dennis Coffey- Never Can Say Goodbye
12. Dennis Coffey- Whole Lotta Love
13. Diamond D- No Wonduh
14. Isley Brothers / Dennis Coffey & Lyman Woodward- It’s Your Thing
15. The Floaters- Float On
16. The Dramatics- In The Rain
17. The Dramatics- Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
18. Dennis Coffey feat. Mick Collins (Dirtbombs) & Rachel Nagy (Detroit Cobras)- I Bet You*
19. Edwin Starr- Easin’ In (Hell Up In Harlem) / Digable Planets (Nickle Bags)
20. The Temptations- I Can’t Get Next To You
21. The Undisputed Truth- Smiling Faces Sometimes
22. Dennis Coffey feat. Mayer Hawthorne- All Your Goodies Are Gone*
23. Outro

* denotes material from the upcoming Dennis Coffey album



DOWNLOAD # Jon Wayne – Remixes Are Things

23 03 2011

“I think most remixes suck.  No matter how dope the beat is, most producers
don’t seem to be able to grasp the notion of accommodating the
acapella.  The voice should be treated like any other instrument
or sample that you use in a song.  It needs proper head room and proportions
that make it sound at home with whatever you’re trying to do with it.

It’s a challenge, and I’m not saying I’m any better at it.  I make
these things because they’re fun.  I’m obviously not getting paid for it
but I think it’s great practice for the future, when I aim to work with
other rappers in terms of production.
Jon Wayne

5 Remixes by the Wayniac + a surprise + Words
Im into my office now, and my boss shouldnt f**** with me
Im Wayniac right ’bout now
Fuck Off China Btw


Big Shouts to WDI

DOWNLOAD # P.U.D.G.E. – “WEIRD DISHES” Radiohead Tribute EP

22 03 2011

I always play at least One tune by P.U.D.G.E. in any of my shows, parties, Granny Bday, barmitsva…
Today is the opportunity for you to:

1) Discover P.U.D.G.E. cuz he remixed your fav’ band
(you should check ur fav band remixes as well, Thom is pretty good at it #Liars_one for example)

2) Turn off your TV: War, Quake, Nuclear, Libya, Yemen & All those sad stuffs are on Repeat mode since almost a month now so yeah, think about it. Turn It Off

3) Send some love back to P.U.D.G.E. and tell him he’s kickin ass, and you’ll love to see him around Europe
(Do it)

WATCH # JaeR, Teebs, and Paris by Ounce Films

22 03 2011

Big Shouts to Ounce who visted us for that night
and to all people that could make it and come
I feel happy
Krink, Free Thai Beer, The Golden Mask ‘n 404 pimper

Thousands of smiles


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