FORTHCOMING # Co.Fee – Easy Listening EP [MHD004]

23 03 2011

Cover art by Matthew Okeyo

It’s all about MHD…Aaaall about MHD bro’
You know…people will found out about this post, like 3 weeks after this will drop
As i can check the stats from the site, i can tell you that now: it’s all about Blawan’s Bohla EP on R&S
A post i did, quite long time ago…But i know that people are looking for a leak
So if you read this and its the 25th of April, just
don’t panic you have plenty of posts to check out from now

If you read this about now (March 23rd), so you’re a bit just like me
You can wait a bit more for Co.Fee release


Don’t look for any audio preview, i dont have
But tracks with * got a preview on his myspace
Just the tracklist below, you can also go check out at Alpha Pup the article HERE

1. Destroy & Rebuild *
2. Spark Plug *
3. Kali *
^(for those who bought Beat Soup Vol.3..ya’ll know)
4. Gypsy Skirt *
5. Katana
6. Zombie Parade
7. Asante
Oh and i didnt wanna talk about this now, as its a bit early, but Co.Fee & ????? has this very secret project,
unknown for now, away from the beats trends. I think you should make more research about it.
>No links. Use ur brain< 

>>>> UPDATE <<<<



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