DOWNLOAD # Jon Wayne – Remixes Are Things

23 03 2011

“I think most remixes suck.  No matter how dope the beat is, most producers
don’t seem to be able to grasp the notion of accommodating the
acapella.  The voice should be treated like any other instrument
or sample that you use in a song.  It needs proper head room and proportions
that make it sound at home with whatever you’re trying to do with it.

It’s a challenge, and I’m not saying I’m any better at it.  I make
these things because they’re fun.  I’m obviously not getting paid for it
but I think it’s great practice for the future, when I aim to work with
other rappers in terms of production.
Jon Wayne

5 Remixes by the Wayniac + a surprise + Words
Im into my office now, and my boss shouldnt f**** with me
Im Wayniac right ’bout now
Fuck Off China Btw


Big Shouts to WDI



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