LISTEN & BUY # ManeMane – Mane2Mane [UUU09]

16 02 2011

Two days ago was the release date of (finally) new Mane Mane tape.
Sorry i was too busy spiting on V-day,
and also it’s getting really tense at work.
Some unions shits going on and of course its always the lil people that get the shit, never the boss himself.

I posted about yUk remix for Mane Mane Skin Fox EP recently,
there were this wicked video by Miko Revereza as well for this gem.
And we were honestly waiting, like calm cool kids we are.

There are almost everything you need into this material, from 7 to 77 years old.
Sorry im old enough to had a chance to play with my parents to MB games, you know…
Dice, pawns, playing cards, talking each other…Today is about buying the tape or buying the digital. Guess what? I think you should buy the tape, and if you want a digital….im eating blue cheese into my office.
So lucky to be in France. You know…Where cheese has smell

Check out links over the Soundcloud if u wanna buy, or if u wanna play this on repeat mode
(goes well with a good Pic Saint-Loup 2008)

Oh and yeah….It’s mastered by Matthew David


Go Buy and Show Some Love at UUU



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