DOWNLOAD # Teebs – CDR [2009]

31 01 2011

At the time i was still doing my radio show for UB Radio (Thailand), i copped this obscure cover, called CDR09, i never heard about Teebs that much except some times saw his name around Dublab Family. This was in 2009. I played 3 tunes from this, if i could playyed more i will but i was playing lots of things, the show was 2 hours and i remember i never wanted to send a 2hours mix like anyone is doing. I chose many stuffs….Obscure, unknown (yet)

I never posted the CDR, dont ask me why…..Now Mtendere is giving it away for free with the complete tracklist…Which i never had. I always played 09 or 02 or 05….Pretty cool to name tunes about now

::Track List::

1. M.A.H. BBC Radio 1 Mix. (15 mins)

2. Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent

3. Untitled 4

4. Humming Birds (unmastered)

5. Wind Loop

6. Youve Changed (unfinished cut)

7. Hi Hat. (unreleased populous remix)

8. Personal Winter

9. Blessed Assurance

10. Monterey Park Bells


Read TEEBS words at his tumblr & download your special gift
Dont think too much about the fact u missed it since 2 years…you were just on something else, very interesting as well




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