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11 01 2011

I’m a kid of the 80’s, i was born in 1980 & i had the chance to have a Mom who was crazy about Funk & Pop of this period…She got all that Chic vynils, Old Commodores with those so Gay covers,  watched all movies of Eddie Murphy with those terrific OST full of mad synths, she had Bambaataa 7″ & of course a very 80’s curly hair cut…hmmm in fact she changed it so many times…
I was too young to understand that it was a club music…It was mostly a sunday morning music i was dancing with my mom (eerrmm SHE was dancing, i was just holding her hands and obviously can not say i was “dancing” ahahah)
But around 13, i definately felt into music (by myself) and got that guy at school playing tapes from his older brother. After an hour, i asked him:
The song never stop? The guy LMAO at me and said: it’s a mix !! Outstanding….That was my 2nd time into Funk shit
3rd time was the weekly Show of Dee Nasty at Radio Nova,
not too long after…
Real Knows what it was
I don’t pretend to be an old school head as Dee “Daniel” Nasty, Bronco or Dj Nono, Dam Funk are but I digged it…Im not gonna keep on tellin my personal story, its just to bring you to the point i am now…
Im 30 and yes i fuckin still love Funk, and its a bit hard to find wicked records, entirely made of Bangers, actual records.
I’m a bit nostalgic & i really love my old records, the one Chabin put on wax, even the old French Funk movement including François Feldman (Yes the Francois Feldman who fall into shit mainstream french love songs…)

You know what is a banger right?

Those of you who read my blog, already heard about Tokyo Dawn Records
A big taste of choice, really really making sense compilations: It’s not just picking up En Vogue names and putting it together on Wax…It’s not That Easy… So when TDR sent me the new compilation Marc realised called
The Boogie, i was pretty excited. And im not disappointed !!!!

Ma Funk Heads…It’s a MASSIVE RECORD !!!!

Wherever your tastes are: P-Funk, G-Funk, RnB, New Jack, AfroSoul, Post 80’s Electro, anything that feet your knees bumpin system is into this compilation.
FIRST Thing:  it’s a 18 tracks comp…(and it will cost you ONLY 8euros for a 320kbps pack with Hi-Def Artwork)
Not a 11 tracks one  and after 35 min the record is over, no.
Here are 18 tunes paying tribute to different eras of Music, and it’s a very very great work. With producers from all around the planet: Sweden to Denmark, Germany to Los Angeles, Roma to NYC, UK’s Midlands to San Diego…Hey Yo!!! Who said Boogie was Dead??

So before i keep on talking about this,
please visit the official page
and launch the player


Based on groove fundamentals such as 80’s and 90’s R&B, Minneapolis funk and early electro, this compilation holds 18 modern approaches to what we like to call boogie music.

Combining neon synths and soul chords with a decent portion of future funk, we’re invited to ride an exciting new wave of artists combining latest production techniques with classic grooves deeply rooted in 80’s boogie wonderland.

Finely collected by TDR conductor Marc Wallowy, this amazing compilation features 74 minutes of dirty g-funk bangers, sweaty robot grooves, cosmic p-funk bombs and anthems of intergalatic existentialism. ‘The Boogie’ also features appetizers from forthcoming albums by Amalia, Blaktroniks, Replife, Soulparlor, Vindahl and others dropping 2011 via TDR. Connecting the dots between electro, rap, house and R&B, this exclusive outlook is equally recommended for fans of funk past, present and future!

I know that all over the web, main websites are posting their 2010 Top 10 albums, singles & all. Let’s move forward please…I, you, we have Top Tens, it’s good to share but it’s mostly better to discover !!
This is future music, without a doubt, and even it sounds 80’s, you all can feel this actual colour that make our Era. I dont know about you and your country but here in Paris, there are those Tees u can see around saying:
Rap Was Better Before
What a bag of shit…Black Music never stops to impressed me and with this record, i can say without taking any risks that those people are wrong and F***** DEAF
Let’s check quickly the feedbacks TDR got for The Boogie

Dimitri From Paris: “Sophisticated, modern and down right funky!”
James Mountain (Ministry Of Sound): “Massive! Love this!”
Daniel Best (G.I. Disco): “EXACTLY the right music at the right time”
Michael Rütten (Soulsearching): “The no. 1 online imprint!”
DJ Lil’ Dave: “Calling this project funky is an understatement!”
Dairmount (Room With A View): “Impeccable taste as usual!”
Jamie Strong (Stones Throw): “Cool stuff! Where’s Dam-Funk? ;)”
Scott Cylke (The Goods): “Tokyo Dawn was already in my top labels of 2010, but this just seals the deal!”

I have bunch of favourites over here…From Opolopo to B.Bravo, Chacho Brodas and their Future Disco touch surrounded by dope synths & Bleeps, Vindahl‘s so dancefloor killer (can you feel it??), Addiquit soooooo SeXXXy groovy chhoon, slow Chicago House (Watch for her LP Altered Witches coming out soon), Atjazz delivers us a wicked remix for The Rah Band (if 2011 isnt Atjazz year, i will run to Beijing on one foot), Aybee & Omega reminds me how much i miss Zhane & Groove Theory period…Watch also for Brooklyn based Madame Eagle Nebula (dig the blog i posted a Free Material from Her // Kick Ass) who drop an early 90’s riddim, who make me want a coolab with Queen Latifah…Oh and also Tokimonsta (Who??) remixing Swede:art (Who??)…Remember Swede:art LP??? He probably won one of the Gold Medal for 1st Material dropped in 2010.
You understood: I’m 150% in love for the new Tokyo Dawn Records release, and if you’re still dubitative about it: Play it in your next party:
– Crowd is always the best judge

THE BOOGIE dropped
CDs will available on the official release date January 21st 2011, but HERE you can already download the digital pre-release in highest audio quality





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