DOWNLOAD # Mane Mane – Skin Fox Remixes EP [Featuring Dem Hunger, Yuk & more]

7 01 2011

Finally out, was waiting for this since 2 or 3 weeks already.
Now, im very happy to share it with you. American producer Mane Mane, from Atlanta is dropping a FREE Ep of remixes from his song Skin Fox, with 2 great ones (my fav’) by Dem Hunger & Yuk.
For those who read this blog, you surely remember the interview of Bahwee we had months ago, you also remember that YuK tape called Adwa, which is one of my fav album of 2010, was sold out few days after its released on MHD.
With a massive support from Matthew David, Brainfeeder family, PooBah, Leaving Records, Friendship Bracelet and let’s say almost all the intelligent music independant press around, YuK touched more than the Beats community worldwide, that was his particularity & i think its just about his world, his influences & the way he kicks 404’s ass.
If you are lucky enough, keep connect with MHD for the re-issue of the tape & let’s hope for more remixes & Live performances in 2011.
I already have this feeling MHD will rock 2011

Dem Hunger share this common point with YuK, that he get a tape released via Leaving Records
Get a preview HERE & Buy It as Digital HERE, it’s a must have collection of crazy space music you wont find anywhere else…Yeah, any L.R. Tapes is unique, and most of the time sold out. Geek or Passionate, the difference is that thin when we’re talking about their tapes, and choices they’re doin
i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to follow Dem’s Blog HERE
It’s the best way to enter his universe & catch some gifts (pay attention!!)

Let’s start this new decade with this very special gift, give your email and download the Ep


Big Shouts to MHD



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