DOWNLOAD # VA – Re-Jumble [FuseLAB]

6 01 2011

Artwork by Maria Ustinova

First post of 2011, sorry for the No-Wishes ting, no special picture, no special words except dat we will own this new decade…fo’so….So many news i have to talk about and still so less time.
Im trying to get Teebs & Kutmah in Paris for beginning of March….It’s hard work, hard to convince venues & at same time hard to make agent understand that this is not a gig to make money….so please be conciliant
– -‘

Let’s go back to the music, today is about a new Label & their Compilation exclusively beats & glitchy
This one is pretty rough fellas, and u can find-listen into it many artists i supported the last 2 years:
First of  all, i couldnt get away from 2 of my fav’ rythm builders:
You can check out AEED at Error Broadcast, if i wrote about it before…i cant f**** remember if i posted about it, just remember i played it tons of times. And Grab the 2 LP of Nocow Because this will probably be your treasure of the week
Don’t Hesitate
Since their past releases i didnt hear from dem and i was ssssssssoooooooo wondering !!!!
Now it’s done with 2 tracks on this compilation that i HIGHLY recommend you.

Also into this gem, a choon by Demokracy and DZA (of course) and the new comer that all my friends are crazy about: Moa Pillar. I have to confess that i didnt hear from the other ones, even if a few came to my ears last year
Deaf Clay & Clear Bue get very very chill atmosphere tunes in the vein of Teebs Loops, which are pretty good tunes, also some really copped my attention such as Appleyard & Miracle Libido with jazz breaks on kicks, long deep bass & plus a certain form of improvisation repetitiv touch, that i adore, Slow with his beat Cockfighting caught my neck, progressive low filter on the subs, and this kind of New Wave touch into atmos : STONER

Download and listen after the Jump

Jumble / FUSELab present VA – Re-Jumble –
the first release of a new label, which existed previously in the form of a podcast-terminal and now the record-formation, responsible for the deepest forms of dub/bass and experimental/future beats.

Big international assembly including a wide range of scene visions scenes by talented beatmakers from around the world. A universal set for the independent space tourist – from deep rustling sketches and abstract rhythmic delights to synthetic flashes and 8-bit bursts. Salutes from AEED, Powel, Demokracy and DZA, Miracle Libido, 813, Wols, Lockbox, Moa Pillar, Illingsworth, Nocow, Arktor and many others.




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