Download # Aeronautical Dance Committee – Mixed by Sumsun

7 12 2010

I never posted about Sumsun and his recent album on Leaving Records called Samo Milagro // It been sold on tape (i’ve got mine) and i heard it will be release on CD as well // So please before keep on reading this
You can also, for sure, keep the link of this wonderful label
If not, you will be missing very good music, bunch of free music you never heard before (i mean not the kind of the new super secret leak of Phil Collins) but for sure: a new door

Last august, and it’s when i got it too, L.R. gave away the 1st track of the album, called Ants. Here you go
Many artists name came to my mind at the first listen, from Four Tet to Teebs, New wave cool drums, getting some winds from Saturn’s Ring under massive Lo Fi’s, Birds, Acids oh yeah
For many people, relaxation is a matter of silence or “ambient”

That’s about it: NOISE

Get the mixtape, i’ll stop talking promise

01 Matthewdavid – Be Honest
03 Oscar McClure – Leaves (Sumsun Remix)
04 Great Beer – Electric Is The Night
05 Beach House – Norway (The Get Remix)
06 Blood Diamonds – Heart
07 Kenton Slash Demon – Sun
08 Dunian – Where Is The Problem
09 Cosmic Sound – Night Owl
10 Guy Harvey – Closest Thing (Sumsun Remix)
11 dtcpu x geodesic
12 Ana Caravelle – Black Canyon (Shigeto Remix)
13 Sumsun + Spirit Tramp – Tarantula
14 Veux – Late Key
15 Hear Hums – Toward Above
16 Off Balance Atlas + Sumsun – Moving On
17 Avey Tare – Lucky 1
18 Houses – Endless Spring
19 Jed and Lucia – April Showers (Shlohmo Remix)
20 Sumsun – Wind Stone (interlude)
21 Caribou – Sun (Sumsun Remix)


Many Many Thanks to Get Off The Coast for posting such a great mix



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