Pre-Order # The Dene Road-Whin Sill (Wigflip Records)

29 11 2010

If like me, you felt in love for his first EP “The Dene Road” ,
you better pre-order you copy of the new album called Whin Sill
Available at Wigflip Records ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ them so much
I discovered this label when M.D. talked about it like a year ago,
since that  i couldn”t stop checking their catalog every weeks

Start by Grabing the EP if you never heard about it

The latest Wigflip release is already sold out, but u still can buy the digital at Boomkat and itunes.
I REALLY REALLY advice you to get this master-piece
RUN DMT is so far one of the greatest thing to look after in 2011
Im sure you’ll be smart enough to dig other shits by dem. If not, comment and i will give you some Free Candies

Let’s go back to The Dene Road, the LP includes one collab with JUJ from MyHollowDrum (BIG UP to Bahwee) & also a  remix by UK producer’s Young Montana

1. Six Bay Mares
2. Midnight Garden
3. Ciclings of our Marsh w. Juj
4. Glasgow
5. Athene
6. Chorus Practice
8. Seashore Cavitation
10. Swimming
11. Athene (Young Montana? Remix)

The artwork is great, i love the background, which is probably the place where i will die & reborn
Check out the artist website, he’s only 19, he’s from Ohio, he’s talented and busy kid
his name is Nate James


Show Some LOve at The Dene Road website

Dig WIGFLIP Punka** Yes DO IT ! & Watch for the next review tomorrow // Biiiiiiig Tings Comin’






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