Forthcoming # Asusu – No Kya / No Kya (F Remix) [PSQ004]

17 11 2010

Big Up to my brother Dragon , creator & member of allmighty
DUBWAY Crew in Bangkok for the heads up.
If you drop by Thailand or/and Bangkok be sure to check out their party, small or big
You’ll be bass 4 sho’

You know, we love F over here…The dubby sound, techno that make you danc…erm…run
So here’s the brand new shit to be release in 2weeks on Project Squared
Promo available almost everywhere from Chemical to Redeyes

The fourth release on the Project Squared label marks our first year in existence. Asusu, the artist who graced the first Project Squared 12” a year ago, returns with “No Kya”, a 144bpm track of introspective, impeccable sound design, a tightly controlled swung beat reminiscent of Garage and a deep bass line. The track follows in the vein of Asusu’s previous 12” releases on Project Squared and Immerse Records, whilst pushing his sound into a new, more sedate area.

The B side features a remix of “No Kya” by F, a producer who has created a strong reputation for himself in just 2 years of releasing music on 7even Recordings. He has worked with Headhunter, has remixed Jus Wan and has been remixed by Ramadanman and Untold. His album “Energy Distortion” is one of the highlights of 2010 so far.

F remixes “No Kya” into a 140bpm club tune. The drums switch between 4/4 and swung patterns, accompanied by rattling percussion and huge sub bass. Dance floor tested with success by Skratch at Sub:stance, Berghain, this track finishes off a superbly balanced release that caters both for intense headphone listening and the peak time dance floor.

Mastered at Optimum, Bristol, United Kingdom.



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