Download # Muted – Izanami EP [Manifesto Music]

27 10 2010

New Label

Manifesto Music cares not for commercial success, profitability, pointless and self defeating micro sub genre pigeon-holing and other external factors that diminish both the impact of the music and the ideas and creativity of artists. Manifesto Music has been set up to advocate the simple idea of music as art, and to provide a platform for musicians and producers to get their music into the public domain, freely and readily available for all. All Manifesto Music releases are released free of charge and you are encouraged to share them wherever and with whoever you wish.

New Artist

Muted is one of the new wave of producers currently making inroads into electronic music with his take on the more stripped back, minimal sound within the 174bpm framework. Hailing from Iceland, the cold, eerie feel of his geographical location is ever present in his music and no more so than in this, the ‘Izanami EP’, for Manifesto Music.

This collection of music is something of a paradox – cold, yet full of emotive warmth, minimal in its construction yet packed full of subtle nuances. From the ethereal opening track ‘Space’ through to sublime title track ‘Izanami’ it is a release that provides a deep, richly rewarding listening experience and Manifesto Music is proud to put this out as its debut release.





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