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8 10 2010

“There’s been a long break. Sorry for that. We cruising around as usual here. Some beats, some danceables, few unreleased tracks, few debut artists. Nice demo from Headshotboyz. Some nice upcoming from Kelpe on Black Acre. Keep the demos flowing. Look out for a Kelpe mix soon. Gonna tell some more bout my army days when the bruises are down. Foreign Legion = ring of fire, y’all.
Main ting is we got a bonkers mix from Demokracy banging and bleeping out of Cyberia. The show goes out monthly on and and comes here a bit later.
The second main ting is that the show features Timbaland and Elton John together. Do you think Timbaland had ‘issues’ with Elton’s homosexuality? Do you think Timbaland would consider a relationship with another man if that man was as rich and famous as himself? Do you think they ‘did it’? Jus curious.

Peace and lovism. Thunnnderz


“While often associated by many people with the beats or abstract hip hop scene, Luke “Lukid” Blair’s vision is a wider one.

Svetlana met him on his now abandoned Monday night ustream sessions, which would last for hours, running the gamut from hardcore rave to post-punk to 70s flower folk, and attracted a small but select crowd from Brainfeeder, Jahtari, Werk and much more.

This mix shows the kind of floating abstraction that’s currently making him tick while we wait for new material. Enjoy x





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