Download # Eaglenebula – LoveBomb EP

8 10 2010

Some pretty great shit over there today, Eagle Nebula is releasing this free EP thanks for That!!
And guess what it’s produced by DARU // Hell Yeah It’s Week-End and in 7 hours

Produced by Daru Jones for Rusic
A Lovebomb is a random act of kindness, mainly dropped to change up the energy of a place or situation. This 4 song EP is my LoveBomb on the world, on the internet, in every industry, and in your life!
*I hope y’all enjoy it! It’s packed with Cosmic goodness!* Do something good today…drop a LoveBomb on your crew, tell your homies! Smile at someone on the street, say something positive to someone you love.

If you want to learn more, you can follow me on or click the banner at the top of this page to find me on facebook. We’ve got a bunch of videos for this release too, you can check out what we’ve done so far at or at

Don’t be afraid to leave your email address! I promise I won’t spam you with emails about how to make your “thang” grow, or how some chick named Megan wants to see you tonight LOL! 😉
Much Love


Much Love back from Paris Ya!



One response

12 10 2010

Daru Jones and u didint tell me abt this!!!!

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