Read & Download # A Talk with Bahwee ((My Hollow Drum))

4 10 2010

TEEBS [Dublab]:
uhm it’s… good. What’s it called again?

I heard all of these already, im over it.”

Ras asked me to send him a couple tracks a while back for a BeatSoup.
I sent em four or five cuts from vol. ii and he never hit me back, ever

Holla Everyone, It’s been about 3 weeks that i wanted to post about Bahwee‘s Beatape Headnodders Vol.2. But at the same time, he’s releasing a new EP, on October 7th AND there’s also tonight a wicked party for the 3rd birthday of My Hollow Drum. Some of you have probably never heard about Bahwee, it’s ok you will in a sec. Some of you probably never heard about My Hollow Drum, some of you probably never heard about Teebs, JUJ, Co.Fee, Yuk
Lucky day, innit?

If you’re not in L.A. (as me) you will miss this party with a great line up: all My Hollow Drum family will play tonight celebrating 3 years of existence (including Teebs who’s having a tons of gigs to perform).
Tonight at The Crosby (Santa Ana), MHD will perform alongside DJ Nobody (Low End Theory resident), Mr “I kick your 404’s ass for free” Dibiase (who just dropped his LP Machine Hates Me on Alpha Pup_Don’t Sleep), Zackey Force Funk & of course Bahwee for his CD release.  Learn more in the interview.

This is the first interview im doin for my blogshit, and im very proud of the first guest. I hope to do more in the next future. Don’t forget to grab all the materials hidded in this interview, links links links & Keep an eye on My Hollow Drum cause they sounds like nothing on Earth, as Ras is on Saturn, i want to know where those freaks comes from….cause i really had a good time talking with him. Very Funny Talks, True Words

Holla – State your name and    purpose.
my name is Bahwee, my purpose is…damn thats deep

my purpose is to be happy i think
and making shitty music

Whats the last good shitty mizik you heard?
Damnn..this ultra-secretive Teebs joint he sent recently
i would tell you the title..but Teebs might read this

JUJ beattape is great, i played some yesterday.
So you’re gonna play for My Hollow Drum 3rd Bday tonight.
i’m playing with Dibiase & Nobody…they’re lucky i agreed to this
Juj is playing too….the bastard
Any strange quirks we should know about MHD artists?
(damn where do even start lol)
No. they’re all wonderful people, everyone except kofi, who is this huge asshole but quirks…hmm…Chad never cooks for me, Paulo only calls me back once out of every 20 tries, i see lvst once a year…

We’re all weirdos, but loving ones.

Some people are discovering MHD threw the success Teebs is having right now (deserves 200%)
very true
Do you think french people will get into it?
Its amazing to me that people anywhere like our music
yeah we owe a lot to Teebs. He’s like the most humble, downtoearth guy
touring the world…still cooking eggs for breakfast and he answers my phone calls still…

He’s like never stop producing…
whats the part that music takes into your day?
umm…its a huge part
Tt gets me places, when im driving but actually working on things creatively, it always happens outta nowhere but i listen to my friends’ everyday.
Your EP (Headnodders Vol.II) is very imprint of Movies atmospheres i think
umm…yeah i am really into film

its not like a direct thing…but i love films
So whats your last top 3 Movies?
Any interesting soundtracks that inspire you?
Any Scorsese flicks
but i like everything…john hughes
Top three movies?
just off the top: Casino
then goodfellas and…breathless
WHICH IS A FRENCH FILM NO? “A Bout de souffle?”
Or something like that
thats my favorite movie
Nouvelle Vague
Its strange the way, sorry to say that, but this sudden success. I just read Tokimonsta talking about it in an interview. Its great but so sudden. Like if nothing was there before
(phone is ringing)
yo sorry arti is calling me, i told him to fuck off
(arti is in MHD)
Yeah the whole LA beatscene is crazy right now

Does Arti likes Paris?
Arti says that he blames you for all the wars…you = the french
its heavy to be ruled by a dwarf, very intense. Anyway, politics later maybe.
Arti should come in Paris one day, appreciate winter
ill talk to him later
book a couple flights…MHD Tour…Dont forget East Europe
Svetlana in the place
Do you have any connection with Svetlana Industries?
yes. they spam me emails everyday…other than that, no.
I actually have the tropics EP hanging up on my wall right now

Do u know any french Hip Hop?
im trying to imagine your guys’ version of mike skinner
I would be open to it though, i can barely keep up L.A. but producers from europe are some of my favorites: Dimlite, Bullion etc
Robot Koch? His LP is coming out
Ahh yes another good one

So yeah, about your forthcoming materials
Let us know a bit more
ok its called Flavors. Its on a really chill, mellow tip. Total 180 from Headnodders
Its mostly work from my second year of school…when i was cheifn 9-5 and ditchin class. Its gonna be MHD’s second official release, the followup to ADWA with HW&W of course.
this is sold out tape, very very good.

So yours will be on Tape as well?
No. its gonna be CD format, which is dead i realize

and it drops on the 7th of October.


I played Teebs like late 2008, and i was so impressed.
Yesterday i copped JUJ..ADWA past Month (….)
aww im sorry for Juj, as we both know it was a waste of time
(…)What do u think it make MHD sound so special
or where do u want to go?
i think we’re taking it one day at a timee
but were very conscious of our message and what we stand for
AND what we are a part of. I think my friend erik said it best
“we are all one”

everyone except juj

How long have u been into hiphop? Did u write? or Dance?
i got into hip hop …I bought the will smith, big willie style
and used to dance around the house
and piss off my mother
then i got eminem
then i got into anticon
and i realized after hearing anticon that i didn’t know jack shit
and everything else came after that

I will send you some french hiphop

Ok To finish this short interview,
I just have 6 questions very fast answer its like stoopid

Cats or Dogs?
damnn.. fucking dogs
Hardware or Software?
Beach or Mountain?
Any word you know in French?
Roman Polanski
Any words you wanna learn?
how do you say JUJ is a bitch?
JUJ est une salope
my next album!
Anything you wanna say to the curious who’s reading this?
wow. all jokes aside i am just this normal kid, out in los angeles who is LUCKY to have the friends i do..i don’t take any of this for granted so thank youu to all the people supporting what we do. and i hope to visit you guys sometime soon.

Juj est un salope

Merci Monsieur



3 responses

6 10 2010

Merci pour l’interview, ca aide à attendre la sortie du EP… Quelle tuerie sa beat-tape quand même!!

8 10 2010

Lies! we only spam him once a month! 😉


9 10 2010
Bahwee # Flavors LP (My Hollow Drum_MHD002) « SO WHAT? DI KHRAP!

[…] The album is out !!! Yes !! If you just reach the place, you can read the interview of Bahwee HERE […]

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