Download # 22 Minutes Series, Part 1

22 09 2010

TR3LGY aka TRILOGY (Youthman & Redeyes) & a Looser@Worldwide Fest 2010
Picture by Pamm Hong

22 Minutes is a series of podcast im startin
It will be between 22min01 to 22min59
Its all music i love, mixed without being a DJ mix

Listen and download if you feel like

22 Minutes 56 by X_J


1-Tyler Durden Talks
2-Jaylib # Survival Test
3-Numaads # Now [J-Rawls Remix]
4-Robot Koch & Graciela Maria # Brujeria
5-Exile # Summer Song [Take Remix]
6-Bahweed # Branddead
7-Flying Lotus # Untitled #7
8-The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble # Tones for Larry Young



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