Download # DJG – Voids LP

17 09 2010

I know that there are TOO MANY Free Stuffs all over the web…But Come on yo, it’s a Double EP of almighty DJG. Yeah the DJG you have in mind now, the one you just played the last collab with Headhunter to your neighboors.
Check this, cause they need more.

Merci Monsieur G…Touchdown

Hello my friends—

Today I’m releasing “Voids”, One & Two. It’s a collection of songs I want you to have. There’s so much I could say about it all, but I’d rather you just go and listen.

Head over to and download both volumes. You can download them for free, or if you choose you can donate whatever you deem appropriate.

I hope you enjoy.

Dean (DJG)

– Make dem speaka bleeda –



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27 04 2012
FORTHCOMING # Salva & Grenier – Wake the Dead / Forest Floor [Frite Nite 014] « SO WHAT? DI KHRAP!

[…] If you never ever heard of DJG_Please Go get those 2 Free !!! Albums he dropped about 2 years ago HERE DJG is now GRENIER, so call him like this from now and except from this most awaited collab […]

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