17 09 2010

Here we go again Fam’

Something like 2 years ago, i found about an obscur weird band that Shlohmotalked about under the name of Groundislava. I checked their myspace and at this moment it was less than 200 views. All i listened was good and original. Today, i wanted to talk a bit about My Hollow Drum which the most “dans le vent” artist is Teebs. I played Teebs music last year in my radio show, and no one ever told me it was wonderful or innovating…As most of the people were tellin’ me This isn’t hip hop, or Flying Lotus isnt HipHop…Yeah right, it’s Black Metal. Just like this fagget in the backstage who told me Steven’s music was overrated and that everybody can do the same. Just do it, man…You know that. So Teebs LP is coming, it’s a wonderfull album, i had a chance to listen to it yesterday.

Now today My Hollow Drum is seeing all his artists emerging with the flow of Baths, Jonwayne, Dibiase, Teebs and all those great artist Buzz. I hope its not just a Buzz. I truly hope.

Today podcast is from BTS & You know it’s serious business. So After Teebs, Yuk, and Bahwee (i had to post Bahwee Tape 3 days ago…i will promise)
Now its CO.FEE turn. Only unreleased materials with remixes for Devonwho, Clipse, Rihanna & Badu…SEE?

First Half by Andrew Meza

The P Brothers (feat. Roc Marciano) – Outta Control (Heavy Bronx)
Tyler, The Creator – Splatter (CDR)
Samiyam – Bedtime Interlude (CDR)
Black Milk (feat. Royce Da 5’9’’ & eLZhi) – Deadly Medley (Fat Beats/Decon)
Blank & Kytt – Bizarre (CDR)
Blank & Kytt – Shivers (CDR)
Letherette – In July Focus (Ho Tep)
The U.N. – Long Time Coming (Archives)
Black Milk – Warning (Keep Bouncing) (Fat Beats/Decon)
Huess – Broke (Inaudible Answer)
Fur – Friends (Letherette Remix) (Waga)
Devonwho – Cluck2 (CDR)
Strong Arm Steady – Two Pistols (Instrumental) (Stones Throw)
Slum Village (feat. J Dilla, Posdnuos & Phife) – Scheming (E1 Records)
Teebs – Why Like This (Brainfeeder)
S.Maharba – Nice To Meet You (Ocular Science)

Second Half by Co. Fee (All Original, Unreleased Material)

Clipse (feat. Slim Thig) – Wamp Wamp (Co. Fee Remix)
Co. Fee – Gypsy Skirt
Co. Fee- D & R (Remix)
Co. Fee – Motor City
Bearded Baby (Co. Fee & Teebs) – Anthem
Co. Fee – Zombie Parade
Co. Fee – Spark Plug
Bearded Baby (Co. Fee & Teebs) – Crayola Markers
Rihanna – Umbrella (Co. Fee Remix)
Co. Fee – Venice Blvd.
Erykah Badu – Soldier (Co. Fee Remix)
Devonwho – Fedora Worm (Co. Fee Remix)
Co. Fee – One Thing (Instrumental)




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