Pre-Order # Robot Koch-Songs for Trees and Cyborgs (Project:Mooncircle)

7 09 2010

Artwork by 44 Flavours

Following the previous post, here’s time to get more infos about this forthcoming album. What is good is that you can stream it already, and choose format you want LP/CD over here.
Robot Koch new LP is really not disappointing me. At all. Different productions, different atmospheres but one final constant and i will define it in one word: Mobster, in Heavy terms.
The first thing i like about it is that Mr Koch produced some of his most beautifull song in this album, im talking about his solo ones. Collabs bring different sides of his productions tastes, sometimes he’s almost nearly into dubstep. I dont think it will be appropriate to talk about Dubstep concerning this. It’s not. It was there before. Glitch was there. Hip Hop was there. And it’s not with “Dubstep” producers that he did one over here (Break the silence, opening track of snippets below). He did this one alone.
And “Dubstep” featuring(s) made HipHop with him. That’s a good way to surprise everyone who was expecting a handbrake skid from Mr Koch.

Please Take 5 Minutes of your time to get a preview

Protect ya neck and/or Cry me a river


The preview ending on one of my favourite song called Night on Mars, there are so many i love. As you listen to the preview, you can easily see tracks goes well together (download it)
5 minutes is “just” the time for a song. 5minutes of Koch universe. I don’t think all tunes are into it, and as the LP will be release on the 1st of October on PROJECT: Mooncircle (which is soon)
Here’s a complete listen to the featuring track with Boxcutter. Enjoy

cloud city (robot koch vs boxcutter) by robot koch

As you can hear, its pretty not dubstep right? Ahahahha
Ezzz bwoy i love dubstep you know how much.
Anyway, you understood. It’s quality record, i personnaly pre-ordered my LP yesterday and i can’t suggest to not do the same.

Pre-Order now at HHV and get & Free Tees designed by 44 Flavours

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