Forthcoming # The Heart LP (Tokyo Dawn Records)

5 09 2010

Great news in the mailbox. Tokyo Dawn Fam’ send me this wicked new compilation they’re about to drop in stores on September 17th.

Tracklist is…hmmm…whatmdj!ùù3″#ùxkùo”à; sh;s;j!fjsdj!n!!!!

B. Bravo, Blaktroniks, Comfort Fit, DJ Asparagus, fLako, Jay Scarlett, Machinedrum, Non+, Portformat, Robot Koch, Simbad, Soulparlor, Swede:art, Union Analogtronics, Vindahl, Addiquit, Coco (Quadron), Colonel Red, Donn T, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Hygher Baby, Jimetta Rose, Kris Mars, Miles Bonny, Nuumads, Rachel Claudio, Reggie B, Slow Drag Travellers, Stray, Wallis Bird

The heart.
A vital muscle organ responsible for pumping blood through vessels by rhythmic contractions. This symbol of life and love is the quintessence of the sound concept behind Tokyo Dawn Records’ new compilation project of love-drenched heart beats

It’s full of bangers. Trust me.
Not that kind of Bangers you drop to make all “Jump Around” on a crowd…Naaaaaah (even if some could be for sure)
It’s kind of classic records you will keep close to your heart in good moments, sad ones & listen with the fam’. Alone or for diner, smoke times. Between my Badu & O.V. Wright collections…There are TOO MANY good songs, im discovering as well such as
Donn-T# Kisses
or Slow Drag Travellers # Feel
We have also a remix of B.Bravo for Swede:art’s Linguistics from his last LP on Tokyo Dawn. DEEP KICK YO ASS SOUL Track by Robot Koch & Numaads, but yeah with this collab on paper i was already on my way to get tiger balm: this tune is wicked, gabor szabo style guitars, african drums, nostalgic enough and vocal is lovely….
Sade in the player. One of my fav’ tune of the LP so far too.
start their choon with that saxophone, and im back into a Queen Latifah movie. Damn i love this r’n’b, fuckin modern into rythms & proper vocals. That’s why Georgia Anne Muldrow is there too, confirming her level into jazz game. Her song is so damned sounding LIVE !!
i felt into my lil hiphop cabaret, break ya neck voice….Yes, voice surrounding the beautifull construction. More LIVE! shits with the soooo funky Soulparlor & Colonel Red. Clap Yo Hands!! …. Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!!

>> Timeless record <<

‘The Heart’ will hit major stores on September 17th 2010,
a special pre-release edition is already available
for download on the label website

…He says



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