Download # LWE Podcast 57 – 2562 aka A Made Up Sound

1 09 2010

When people talk about what they called Dubstep, i always remember what are/were my essential artists…Which artists turned me into that crazy hole…2562 is for sure one of those 5 rabbits who pushed me into it
If you wanna know who are the 4 others ones, its hard but i will say Martyn, Mala, Headhunter & Zomby

I couldnt logg off internet without sharing with you what i call Future Music.
You will recognize many artists i talked about since years into this tracklisting.
Is it a good thing? I dont know, U tell me !!
Is it repetitiv? Who said Repetitiv was Bad?

If you like Martyn, u dont need any introduction to Dave Huismans.
If you never heard of those 2, its not too late, dont ask what kind of music is this, cause most of people can’t tell you
All i know is = Its Future [fill the blank]
See this Martyn VS Mike Slott [White] thing? Yeah Martyn & Mike, probably two of the most innovating producers of last 5 years. Together. Wicked.
Look all that * signs all along, it means unreleased

Download LWE Podcast 57

01. WNCL, “Mrs Fingers” (Quantec Remix) [WNCL]
02. Instra:mental, “Rubba” [Swamp81]
03. Martyn vs Mike Slott, “Untitled” [white*]
04. T.Williams, “Chop & Screw” [Deep Teknologi Records]
05. Cosmin TRG, “Bijoux” [white*]
06. Breach, “Fatherless” [PTN]
07. A Made Up Sound, “Rear Window” [Delsin]
08. Skudge, “Overture” [Skudge]
09. Will Saul & Mike Monday, “Sequence 1″ (Scuba Remix) [Aus Music]
10. F, “Slowdown” [white*]
11. Boddika, “You Tell Me” [Darkestral]
12. Lone, “Pineapple Crush” [Magic Wire]
13. D-Bridge, “ZX81″ (Shed Remix) [Fat City]
14. Ramadanman, “Space Dance” [white*]
15. Wax, “No-20002″ (Pinch Remix) [white]
16. Basic Soul Unit, “Jak’d Freq” (A Made Up Sound Acid Bonus)
[Crème Organization]
17. Studio 1, “Rosa 1″ [Studio 1]
18. D.I.E., “Detroit Technobass” [M.A.P.]
19. Addison Groove, “Sexual” [white*]
20. A Made Up Sound, “Extra Time” [A Made Up Sound]

(via Little White Earbuds Website)



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