Samedi 28 Aout # Limited Touch Special Carnival w/ULTERIOR MOTIVE uk ** WIN TICKETS **

26 08 2010

And yeah its Notting Hill this weekend and we’re in Paris celebrating with one of the most fresh duo in the DnB scene. Subtitles last signature’s Ulterior Motive will be our Carnival Guests.
Alongside, we have 2 of biggest heads of France scene: DJ Science from almighty early ages of Jungle, member of Rane Serato DJ Crew. Right? Ahaha And also Stalefish, Boss of french label Step Express.
Warm up will be execute by Drazel & Snowball from very active crew Breakbeat Exploration (Exploration Music). Check their podcast if u digg some deep & intelligent drum n bass.

Hosted by Taktile Touch Crew djs



Ulterior Motive – Medium Promo Mix by Ulterior Motive Uk

Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach [Subtitles Music (UK)] by Ulterior Motive Uk

Ulterior Motive & Judda – Infrasonic – Subtitles 074 by Ulterior Motive Uk

10 EUROS // All Night Long // Open Air Smoker Terrace // 2 BARS




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