Forthcoming # Black Chow Black Chow Black Chow .B.L.A.C.K.C.H.O.W.

5 08 2010




Black Chow is dedicated to the mysterious charms of the existential, oriental beast of the same name.
With the kiss of a black tongue, the duo deal in upgraded dancehall and achingly sad torch song dubs. Having formed to record a track for the ‘Hyperdub 5’ compilation, Kevin Martin (aka The Bug, King Midas Sound) and Kiki Hitomi (Dokkebi Q) embarked upon a mission to inject tortured soul and seductive bliss into super-heavyweight bassbin probes. And just as the aloof Chows no longer trust the humans that once bred them to be eaten, Black Chow are constructing their own, highly individual soundworld as a remedy to the dollar zombies.
And with a forthcoming 12″ for Jahtari (‘Wonderland/Danger’) being followed by a compilation appearance for Soul Jazz (‘Air’), Black Chow are mastering the art of sonic warfare with serious emotional weaponry.

– SOON –



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