Download # Insightful – Insightful Stupid (Bandcamp)

4 08 2010

“Stupid” is a bit the way i feel today, and “Stupid” is the complete opposite of what this LP is…
I never post weak things from Bandcamp’s Ocean.
You know its not hard to define good music (as long as you & i loves it) it’s just more hard to find good & serious productions over Bandcampaz….So Many good shit to discover days after days

Today i wanted to focus on Someone i discover works quite few time ago, i asked him about an interview so lets see if things goes up for that. I’ll be def.happy to talk about his works and ask him few questions..

Anyway, today i wanted to introduce you the man called Insightful, based between a sunny side of San Diego and another one in San Francisco….Would love to check da weather right now in Cali, as in Paris autumn seems to be in advance…again what a crap. Sarkozy’s conspiration again Punk Ass !!

Mr Insightfull defines himself like he’s “Happy to be born in this era, lots of good will come out of it and pave a path for the future. This music is my reflection of that. Blessed to know the people I know, Thankful for each new day. Let us be my people. ”
We also glad you’re born in our era man…Be sure to listen his last release called Insightful Stupid.
12 aerial tracks, break ya neck kicks & snares…trust me this really disserve an eye and hear

Definately loves this lil’ piece into an ocean, but into our sea its a gem



One response

4 08 2010
Vikrant Dev

Great discovery man! always a delight to read your posts and find new stuff!

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