Download # Boiler Room #17 Brownswood Electr*c Special w/The bPm, Mosca, Rockwell, Eliphino, Alex Patchwork

23 07 2010

This been out weeks ago, and yeah i didnt post about it…Its damned hot release that yeah…maybe i was to busy listening to it? ahahaah

Anyway someof my fav producer are on it as Ramadanman under his alter ego Pearson Sound, Eliphino, George Fitzgerald, Letherette, Rockwell or Mount Kimbie just to name a few. Now if you didnt hear or if you’re looking for..Just JUMP

Beside this really nice & amazing compilation, i just get the Twitt from Rockwell spreading the word about this exclusive recording. Totally inexpected. Honestly, i am really really looking forward on Eliphino set cause his creation completely blast my mid off since a year now. His most recent work u can listen is on Kidkanevil Remixed Remixed EP 1 alongside Blue Daisy, Illum Sphere & Miss Toki “Danger Rabbit” Monsta. Check it out
So Yeah Platform presents Boiler Room #17
Brownswood Electr*c Special
w/The bPm, Mosca, Rockwell, Eliphino, Alex Patchwork

Do i need to say more? No, so let’s get high

Boiler Room #17 Brownswood Electr*c Special by PLATFORM

Boiler Room #17 Track Listing

Mount Kimbie – Tunnel Vision – Hotflush

Sepalcure – Down

Hypnotic Brass  Band – Spottie – Choice Cuts

Outkast – Roses (Instrumental) – Arista

J Dilla –  Safety Dance – Stones Throw

EQD – 002

Kyle Hall

Theo Parrish – Take Me – Sound Signature

DJ Cam – Dieu Reconnaitra Le Siens – Street Jazz records

Heralds of Change – Spotted – All City

Sa Ra – Rose Buds – ABB Soul

Frederic Galliano – Nangadef Maafric – Yellow Records

Viktor Duplaix – Manhood (TV Track) – !K7

Africanism – Les Enfants Du Bled – Yellow Records


Prince and the Revolution – 17 Days – Warner

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback (Jazznova Breathe Easy Remix)

Theo Parrish – Falling Up – Sound Signature


Jimmy Edgar – Hush (Kyles Detroit Retro Metro Remix)

Osbourne – Wait A Minute (Arto Mwamba Remix)

Kyle Hall – Kaychunk

Illum Sphere – Medusa – P&C Fat Boy Records

Jr Gong – Something For You

S-X – Sam Instrumental

Tubby vs Footsie – Tiger Style

Ghetts – All Black Winter

Darqwan – Confused

Puto Prata – Zuata Zuata

Addison Groove – This Girl

Riko – Wooo Freestyle Freddo – Memories

Nasty Jack – My Name

L-Vis 1990 – Untitled

Ruff Sqwad – Xtra

Ramadanman – Glut

Rockwell – Untitled

Untitled- Untitled

Actress – No Click (Non Plus +)

Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:mental Remix) – Metalheadz

Jose James – Warrior (Rockwell Remix) – Brownswood

Rockwell – Shards

Rockwell – Underpass – Critical

Rockwell – Aria

Rockwell – Reverse Engineering

Kevin Rudolph feat. Cash Money Heroes “I Made It” Rockwell Remix

ASC – Phobos (Non Plus)

Ramadanman – I Beg You

Phuturistix – Deepdown – Locked On

Sticky – Blim – Social Circles

Menta – Sound Of Da Future

Rockwell – Untitled

Lil Wayne – A Milli (Harmoney Mix)

Lil Flip – I’m A Balla – (Patchwork Pirates Remix)

Frisco – Darkside

Jaimeson – Urban Hero

Wiley – 135 Freestyle

Mr Mageeka – Different Lekstixx

Ramadanman & Midland – Your Words Matter – Aus Music

Roska – Hey Cutie

Untitled – Untitled

Atjazz – For Real – Innervisions

Wookie – Down On Me -Manchu Recordings

Mosca – Tilt Shift (Forth Coming Fat City Release)

Kevin Rudolph ft. Cash Money Heroes “I Made It” Rockwell Dubmix

Mala – Anti War Dub – DMZ



One response

27 07 2010

AMAZING!!!! Thanks a lot for the tracklist!

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