The DJ Shadow Remix Project

21 07 2010

“The DJ Shadow Remix Project began as an experiment to see if we could engage and empower the online remixing community. Initially, Mike (Fiebach, of and I figured we’d award a prize through the site, stream a few winning mixes, and leave it at that. Eighty or so submissions later, I started thinking ‘Hmm, maybe we should open this up a little.’
I love this CD, more than I ever dreamed I would. I love the lo-fi basement aesthetic of economic’s vision, the sophisticated sheen of Randomatik’s “Scatterbrain” mix, the grit and swagger of Irn Mnky. In many cases, new life has been breathed into songs I had long-since resigned to the past, and made them fresh again. You WILL hear these mixes in future shows, and that’s the strongest endorsement I can give as a DJ. From one artist to another, thank you for inspiring me.
DJ Shadow, May 2010″

It started as a remix contest for fans, and it become a 19 tracks LP…And it’s really good
U Guys know that Shadow wont put this out with shitty production inside

1. Shadow Propaganda Mix (Somepling)

2. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (NiT GriT Mix)

3. Stem (Blank Image Mix)

4. Walkie Talkie (Irn Mnky “Beat Down” Mix)

5. What Does Your Soul Look Like? Part 2 (economics Version)

6. Broken Levee II (Primus Luta Version)

7. This Time (suonho “Now Is The Time” Mix)

8. Midnight In A Perfect World (FUSO Mix)

9. What Does Look Like Your Soul (Benjamin One Mix)

10. Mongrel Meets His Maker (Sonotech Mix)

11. Halfway Home (Awkward Mix)

12. Fixed Income (Cherenkov Riddim Mix)

13. Scatterbrain (Randomatik Blast Mix)

14. Shadow Megamix (Sovereign Universalist)

15. Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt (Ruby My Dear Mix)

16. Blood On The Motorway (Coalition Of The Aware “SHDW” Mix)

17. Stem (Le Couturier Version)

BONUS TRACKS (Download Only, not included on CD):

18. Missing On The Motorway (Tiger Mendoza Mix)

19. All Things Shadow (Luke B Mix)



oh and:

This LIMITED EDITION CD comes for FREE with ANY order that contains ANY physical product here at (in other words, order ANY tee shirt, CD, Vinyl, or accessory to get this CD + a BONUS Download version with extra tracks for FREE).

The CD comes in very high-end packaging: a fold-out digi-pack with printing all the way across the outside, and all the way across the inside. The right side of the pack has a sleeve insert, which houses the CD. This is some top-notch CD packaging!



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