Monday is Lundi is Monday

19 07 2010

Horfée, Paris July 2010

Today is a good day, as i have pretty good stuffs for you. I should keep all i want to share for each day of the week but as it’s a good day is monday is lundi is Monday…Let’s start

First of all, one of my fav’ artist this year Eleven Tigers dropped a fuckin intelligent mix for Gimme5. I wont write again about him, use the search tool. Im listening this mix since the 3rd times in rotation and it’s simply mad. He is one of the major future heads of music. If you still not convince after listened his free EP and his LP he dropped on Soul Motive, now you can really get crazy with this exclusive mix. It’s Barrio

Download / Stream at Mixcloud

1. Rj Valeo – Rust
2. Northaunt – Horizons
2. Eleven Tigers – Memory Palace (fragment)
3. Daedelus – Stampede Me
4. migloJE – Nashtee
5. Eleven Tigers – Thesis
6. Apparat – Repeat Till Overload
7. Eleven Tigers – Woodpigeon
8. Eleven Tigers & Ben Duff – 101°
9. Eleven Tigers – Skanner

GIMME5 WEBSITE show some love

Second shit today to hit your brainz yo is this kickin ass multiverse styles LP called
“Remixes for Beards and Flannels” by Krts /  / As you will check the tracklist, i dont need so much to tell ’bout tha shit but they do remixing Michael Jackson, RUN DMC, D’Angelo, Madonna, ATCQ….& more…All of this turned into our fav’ musical styles bangers. It’s summer and u might have tons of BBQ party or maybe you’re touring somewhere or will do.

Make sure to check this and even if you dont like it all, i’m 150% sure the crowd will get mad if you drop some xxxclusive remixes by dem. Listen

Your free beat tape of the day comes over Los Angeles, with artist named Ash Tre Jinkins. Seems his myspace been hacked recently so no myspace but Soundcloud Yeaaaah. Anyway, it’s very fresh beat tape, not for sensitive minds. You might heard the track Yodaz Brain on some mixes, very hypnotik, great synths i confess and he oesnt make too much. Thats what i like about this tape, you feel it can be more messy but it wont goes there…for now…Ash Tre Jinkins appears on the recent compilation “Into The Vortex” published on Global Vortex Records, including tracks by Mochipet or Bowcon. Check more about this HERE

So here is DirtyDreamz LP, a 8 tracks homemade & produced by Ash featuring BreY, Squint & Chints

Also available since a month now, a free track for your Hard drive to be biggger

CaveDwellers [Masterd] by Ashtrejinkins

EverGreens (AshTreJinkins x CHITS) by Ashtrejinkins

That’s all Folks



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