Worldwide Festival 2010 # TALENT SEARCH WINNER is TRILOGY

6 07 2010

TRILOGY is music shared between three International artists: Youthman, Redeyes and Luce. Each bring a distinct style and culture to the group; and the end result? A collection of songs that are simultaneously à la mode and ageless. The three musicians work from different parts of the globe and collaborate primarily via internet:

Youthman travels constantly, touring as a DJ and MC in the bassline, dub-step and barefoot beats underground. Redeyes is tucked away in a village in the South of France, releasing acclaimed tracks on major DrumnBass labels in the UK and elsewhere. Luce from Australia lends her voice to the project, but she is also a trained classical cellist and composes orchestral works when she’s not singing soulful trip hop. Three collaborators from three musical cultures equal a project that is at once deeply soulful and instrumentally rich, with enough sub bass and electronic beats for even the most discerning record collector. 

Welcome back people, it’s been a year now (yeah almost  a year) that im talking about TRILOGY and it feels so good to see that works finally pay…They just been elected winner of Talent Search Worldwide Festival 2010 in Sètes.
2 dfays ago i wanted to post an article about last Youthman Release on StepExpress, watch out for this article for the end of the week. What else can i say? My People ROCKS !!!

So yeah, im sure you know Brother don’t cry already, u can stream some very very fresh tunes on their Myspace.
If you’re in Sètes , be sure to see TRILOGY live besides Dorian Concept & Gilles Peterson

One Love



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